Race Rules

  1. Each pilot in a heat will have at least 1 spotter to check lap timing, lap count, correct route, and entrance/miss of air gates. Every pilot must perform a quad inspection at registration for FAILSAFE and Quad specification.
  2. All participants will be given 1 practice/training session by grouping before starting the time trial/qualifying round.
  3. A warm-up round is given to each group, before starting a heat, in order to check video interference and reception of the group.
  4. Pilots are only to take off on horn sound. Any early/false-starter(s) will result in restarting the race/heat.
  5. If a quad is toppled/crash during takeoff or crash at first air gate, the race will be reset.
  6. All participants must follow the pre-determined route.
  7. No air gates and other race obstacles are to be missed. Failure to do so will result in time additional of 3 seconds.
  8. A heat will continue to proceed in the event of a failure of any of the race obstacles, e.g. fallen air gate.
  9. Failed race obstacles will be reset after each heat.
  10. Aircrafts that crash but are still able to resume flying without intervention will be allowed to continue the race in the heat.
  11. Aircrafts that crash and are not able to continue flying without intervention will be considered as DNF (did not finish).
  12. Once a racer finishes the race, he is to land his quad at designated landing spot. Fail to do so, will result in time additional of 10 seconds.
  13. The race will be paused or stopped before/during Azan for prayer, or in the event of an emergency.
  14. During a heat in progress, no personnel except for the pilots in the current heat are allowed to switch on their aircraft regardless of whether a video transmitter is connected or not to avoid disturbing the concentration of the pilots.


All participants must arrange/position their VTX that it is accessible to change channel frequency at any time.

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